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Q: Can I have a custom menu?

A: Almost all of our menus are custom! We strive to allow flexibility in menu items and pricing in order to fit every budget and dietary restriction. We have pre-fixed menus to make things a little easier, but all can be changed!

Q: Can you accommodate vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free?

A: Yes! This is something we already do for many of our customers. Many of our stations and pre-fixed menus can have an easy vegan or vegetarian protein swap or addition. 

Q: What is your full-service catering fee?

A: Our 20% full-service catering fee is added to events where we will be doing set up, service, and clean-up. This covers the costs associated with full service. This is not a gratuity and would not apply to drop-off orders. 

Q: Do you deliver?

A: We do deliver and drop off food. We have a delivery fee within Las Vegas and an addition fee for delivery on the Strip. This fee may change depending on location. 

Q: What type of events can you do?

A: The possibilities are endless! We specialize in large-scale productions, corporate, and staff meals. Although, we can do plated dinners, weddings, and private events. meetings, breakfast, lunch, brunch, you name it. 

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